MEGA COLLECT : 4000 plastic bags for installation

Celestial meeting: Antoine Onzgi, visual artist, settles an huge wave in The Dress rehearsal, mythical, cultural place space : La Générale14 avenue Parmentier in Paris 11th.

This wave, called “Air of the Ocean ,” is constructed from thousands of polythene bags, donated for recycling. Making reference to whirlpools, these islands of waste which pollute thousands of kilometers of our oceans, is the inspiration for art and beauty to raise public awareness.

Onzgi discovered “Les Filles du Facteur” on the internet. We are collaborating with him to activate a united network for the collection of plastic bags which he will need. It is big, it is beautiful, and showcases of all the colors that reflect the diversity of persons who participated.

At the end of the exhibition, 4,000 plastic bags will given to “Les Filles du Facteur,” who will be delighted to recycle them, creating art crossing the boundary from Burkina Faso to France! A beautiful way to take a new look on our waste!

Installation Antoine Onzgi